Thursday, 9 April 2015

ASR Multicast - Mac OS X Multicast

ASR Multicast Server

1. Need to create config file for ASR Multicast Server
    sudo defaults write ~/Desktop/asrconfig.plist "Data Rate" -int 6000000
    sudo defaults write ~/Desktop/asrconfig.plist "Multicast Address"
    Contact your network administrator for knowing multicast address for your network and   set appropriately in asrconfig.plist file with above command.

2. Start the server from terminal
    asr -verbose -server  ~/Desktop/asrconfig.plist -source /Volumes/Data/test.dmg

3. Then on clients where you want to restore image execute below command from terminal
    asr -verbose restore -source asr://<Multicast Server IP> -target /dev/disk0s2 -erase

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