Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Converting Mac machine to VM

Creating Image of Physical Machine

1. On a machine first boot to some other volume
2. Create NetBoot image of bootable volume with SIU
3. Store it on some Web Server
4. Note down its url e.g. http://<IP>/test.dmg

Restoring Image

1. Create Empty VM 
2. Boot it with Recovery HD iso
3. Create new partition on this newly booted VM
4. run command to restore
    asr restore --source http://<IP>/test.dmg --target /Volumes/MacHD -noprompt -noverif -erase
5. if this does not work then you can try mounting remote dmg with
hdiutil attach http://<IP>/test.dmg
and then
6. launch System Image Utility
7. On Restore tab select target
8. And select this mounted volume as source
9. Click restore
10. Once restore is complete reboot VM