Thursday, 20 December 2012

Tatkal ticket booking tips and tricks

Fast Indian Railways Tatkal Tickets booking tips and tricks

1. Synchronize your clock with IRCTC clock
     Tatkal booking is now starts from 10:00 AM one day before the starting journey of the train
      For example if Train is going to start from it source station on 12th day then booking will start
      from 10:00 AM on 11th day

2. Keep below details ready
    - Name, Age detail of the persons travelling
    - Details of the ID card to be presented

3. Use multiple accounts
    - Borrow accounts from your relatives
    - Login to IRCTC site ( with different browsers
    - Use browsers lilke firefox, IE, opera, chrome

4. Use firefox add-on to autofill the data
    - As entring details of travellers is time consuming
      use firefox addons like AutoFill to fill the booking form

5. Decide on the mode of payment before hand debit/internet banking
    Keep all the details ready

6. Do not click on any button multiple times as it will log you out and you will have to relogin and
    start the entire process again. It will waste lot of time.
    Avoid clicking multiple times

7. Be patient as millions of people are accessing irctc site at the same time it will take time to load

8. Use opera browser "Opera Turbo" feature may boost the page loading times

9. Quick Book is disabled from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

10. Tatkal booking from Mobile is disabled now
I hope these tips are helpful.
If you find any other helpful tip please share.

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Monday, 17 December 2012

Online C++

Online C++ Compiler

I found this very useful tool to compile code online without need for installing any  compilers on personal computer

C++, online C++ Compiler, Learn C++ online free

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Yagi Antenna Design

Yagi Antenna Design

Below is the antenna lengths for director reflector and dipole

All dimensions are in meters for length and frequency in MHz.

For FM reception range is 88 to 108 MHz.

Lets consider 98.3 MHz (Radio Mirchi) Frequency as centre frequency
then antenna dimention can be calculated as 

Reflector  -> Length   = 150/98.3 = 1.52 m
                     Distance = 0 m

Dipole -> Length = 143/98.3 = 1.45 m
                Distance (from reflector) = 45/98.3 = 0.46 m

Director 1 -> Length = 138/98.3 = 1.40 m
                      Distance ( from dipole ) = 45/98.3 = 0.46 m

Director 2 -> Length = 134/98.3 = 1.36 m
                      Distance ( from Director 1 ) = 45/98.3 = 0.46 m

This really works well I have personally verified this


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