Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Check Aadhaar status online

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you will have to enter those details and then mobile number for verification

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

OS X 10.9 Mavericks Desktop Wallpaper program

Wondered how you can set desktop wallpaper programmatically in Mac OS X 10.9.
Here is the answer,
in new OS X 10.9 and above wallpaper is now stored in SQLite DB.
And it is possible to change with c , c++ or objective C

More Details

Execute below shell commands and it is done

1) cd ~/Library/Application Support/Dock
2) sqlite3 desktoppicture.db
3) delete from data;
4) INSERT INTO data VALUES('/path/to/wallpaper');
5) .exit
6) killall Dock;

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Execute Shell Command from within C C++ program

If you want to execute shell command from within your application.
Here is the solution.
The Shell command can be executed from within your C or C++ program in two ways
1. Using "system(...)" function 
   #include <iostream>

   int main( int argc, const char * argv[] )


          char command[] = "ls";

          int status = system( command );

          return 0;
    The only disadvantage of this method is you cannot track
    or read the result of command. The output will be seen on

    The return value of system() will just represent whether
    command executed successfully or not 

    status == 0 -> Successful
    status != 0 -> Unsuccessful

2. Using popen(...), pclose(...)
    Problem of reading from shell can be resolved with use of
    popen and pclose.

#include <stdio.h>

FILE *popen(const char *command, const char *mode);
    The popen(...)  function will execute the shell command
    specified in variable command and it will create a pipe
    between the launching program and the executed

    Also will return a pointer to a stream which can be read
    from or write to the pipe.

   #include <iostream>

   int main( int argc, const char * argv[] )

         FILE * fp ;
         char tstCommand[] ="ls *";
         char path[PATH_MAX];
         fp = popen(tstCommand, "r");
         while ( fgets( path, PATH_MAX, fp ) != NULL )
               cout << path << endl

         return 0;

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Remote Desktop Connection Data Encryption Error

Remote Desktop Connection Error
Because of Error in data encryption this session will end 

Cause: This is mostly likely issue with certificates

Warning: Before executing below steps you should consider backing up the registry.
To backup registry
1. Start -> Run
2. Regedit
3. Right click on location 
4. Click Export
5. Save .reg file somewhere for future reference

Now follow below steps to modify registry entry which resolves the problem

1. You have to logon to the machine which has this problem.
2. Start -> Run
3. Regedit
4. Hit enter
5. Navigate to  Registry Location
6. Delete following values
      - Certificate
      - X509 Certificate
      - X509 Certificate ID
7. Close Registry Editor
8. And restart the server
9.  This should sovle the problem.

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