Thursday, 23 February 2012

ID3 Tag Specification C++ Code Implementation

ID3 Tag is used to store information about the MP3 sound track.

ID3v1 - ID3 version 1

Last 128 bytes of MP3 file contain ID3v1 Tag.

struct ID3v1
    char szTAG[3]; // Contains "TAG"
    char szSongTitle[30]; // Title of sound track
    char szSongArtist[30]; // Artist Name
    char szAlbumName[30]; // Album Name
    char szYear[4]; // Year of publishing
    char szComment[30]; // Any user comments
    char cGenre; // Type of music

Based on value of "Genre" byte it can be interpreted as
 0. Blues 
  1. Classic Rock
  2. Country
  3. Dance
  4. Disco
  5. Funk
  6. Grunge
  7. Hip-Hop
  8. Jazz
  9. Metal
 10. New Age
 11. Oldies
 12. Other
 13. Pop
 14. R&B
 15. Rap
 16. Reggae
 17. Rock
 18. Techno
 19. Industrial
 20. Alternative
 21. Ska
 22. Death Metal
 23. Pranks
 24. Soundtrack
 25. Euro-Techno
 26. Ambient
 27. Trip-Hop
 28. Vocal
 29. Jazz+Funk
 30. Fusion
 31. Trance
 32. Classical
 33. Instrumental
 34. Acid
 35. House
 36. Game
 37. Sound Clip
 38. Gospel
 39. Noise
 40. AlternRock
 41. Bass
 42. Soul
 43. Punk
 44. Space
 45. Meditative
 46. Instrumental Pop
 47. Instrumental Rock
 48. Ethnic
 49. Gothic
 50. Darkwave
 51. Techno-Industrial
 52. Electronic
 53. Pop-Folk
 54. Eurodance
 55. Dream
 56. Southern Rock
 57. Comedy
 58. Cult
 59. Gangsta
 60. Top 40
 61. Christian Rap
 62. Pop/Funk
 63. Jungle
 64. Native American
 65. Cabaret
 66. New Wave
 67. Psychadelic
 68. Rave
 69. Showtunes
 70. Trailer
 71. Lo-Fi
 72. Tribal
 73. Acid Punk
 74. Acid Jazz
 75. Polka
 76. Retro
 77. Musical
 78. Rock & Roll
 79. Hard Rock
Pseudo code -
1. Just open the MP3 file with fopen(...)
2. Seek to 128 bytes from end of file 
    fseek( fp, -128, SEEK_END ); 
3. Now read all 128 bytes into struct
    struct ID3v1 id3v1; 
    fread(&id3v1, sizeof(char), sizeof( id3v1 ), fp);
4. While displaying structure members
    Note that the strings id3v1.szSongTitle are required to be NULL terminated.
    They are not NULL terminated by default.

ID3v2 - ID3 tag version 2

ID3v2.3 - ID3 tag version 2.3.0


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Monday, 6 February 2012

Bhartiya Classical Music

To let you know, classical music is base of all sorts of music.    The good Hindi and Marathi film/non-film music is based on classical music.
They take one piece of classical music and create film music after adding lots of music instruments. But the grammar is same Classical music.

The base of classical ,music is Raga such as Kafi, Malhar, Durga, Desh, Yaman and many more.

Each raga is a complete unit   and generally has three parts  Vilambit(slow) - Madhyam(medium speed) and Drut( fast ).  So, a singer can take half hour to 1 hour to sing or perform the complete raga.

But, Singer or instrument player may only play or sing one part of it depending upon the audience.  Say, the audience is new and doesn't have knowledge of classical music then they will play or sing only one part of each raga(vilambit/madhyam/drut) for 10-15 min.

To start with listen from -
it has a vast collection of all types of classical music. 

You start with instrumental Sitar by Pandit Ravishankar or tabla.  In singers, Pune has many young vocalist such as Rahul Deshpande, Anand Bhate and Shaunak Abhisheki.   Anand Bhate is a M. Tech in computer science and he is PM in Zanser tech.

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Friday, 3 February 2012

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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Negative woman

 Stare at this negative picture of a woman for 30 seconds.
Then look at some white plain area like white paper.
In a flash you will see the woman with actual colors.

Try this it works...its really coool..............

BTW if you recognize the woman leave a commnet :)

To find out how this works click below

Negative Woman