Thursday, 9 April 2015

ASR Multicast - Mac OS X Multicast

ASR Multicast Server

1. Need to create config file for ASR Multicast Server
    sudo defaults write ~/Desktop/asrconfig.plist "Data Rate" -int 6000000
    sudo defaults write ~/Desktop/asrconfig.plist "Multicast Address"
    Contact your network administrator for knowing multicast address for your network and   set appropriately in asrconfig.plist file with above command.

2. Start the server from terminal
    asr -verbose -server  ~/Desktop/asrconfig.plist -source /Volumes/Data/test.dmg

3. Then on clients where you want to restore image execute below command from terminal
    asr -verbose restore -source asr://<Multicast Server IP> -target /dev/disk0s2 -erase

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Hair loss 100% working ayurvedic treatment

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Do this for 1 month you will immediately see results

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Live Train Running Status

How to check Live Train Running Status
Indian Railways
Train No:
For Live Train Location on Google Maps visit below link

For Live Train Location on Google Maps visit below link


Spot your train easily with above links.

If you know any better links to check online train status please share
It will be helpful to others too

Sadananda Gowda recently on 13-08-2014 inagurated new
irctec website.

I can see the site has become very response and lighting fast.
you should try website

IRCTC New Faster Site For Tatkal Bookings

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Its always better to check online train status before you board train.
It will help you manage better all the lugagge transport etc..

I always used to wonder where to check train timings , where can I get
actual exact location of train so that I can plan well ahead for any delays.

But now its very simple just need to use these links and its here right here on your screen
all the details you wanted before you board that train.

Its so simple and easy fast just try below links

Use above and below links to check current running status of your favorite train

Let me know what do you think of these links
whether they are useful solving your purpose or not.

I will modify them if needed

Other useful links
Check PNR Status
Free Calls to US and Canada Landline Mobile
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